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Historic & Significant Tree Management

If your tree has been condemned by others maybe we can save it.

Get in touch and speak to Neil about how we can save you tree.

We have saved numerous trees that others have condemned by finding unique tree management solutions
Often clients have trees which are irreplaceable as they have a sentimental or historic value. The tree maybe a landscape landmark reasons. Sometimes it’s just the shear scale and age of the tree.

Often big old trees contain defects, which have the potential to lead to serious failures or are in decline.

We can design and implement specific solutions to your trees problems to prolong their lifespan and make them safer.

Veteranisation and Retrenchment Pruning

It is a ‘form of crown reduction intended to encourage development of the lower crown’ British Standard 3998:2010.
Retrenchment pruning is generally carried out of trees nearing the end of their lifespan and preempts the natural process where a old trees lose limbs to become smaller.

Beechwood Tree Care arborists have been involved in many such projects, which have safely extended the lifespan of some magnificent old trees, which may have otherwise been felled.

Cable Bracing

Sometimes a tree is so valuable to a client that despite a serious defect the tree must be retained at all costs.
Cable bracing is a valuable tool in these cases.
Beechwood Tree Care have a extensive wealth of knowledge and experience of why, when and how to install a cable brace.

Soil Improvements, Mulching and Decompaction Works.

Often a tree needs help to be healthy and then it can fight of infection or grow strengthening wood around a defect. Simply improving its growing conditions will do the world of good.