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At Beechwood Tree Care we believe something is only worth doing if it’s done well. Planting used to be dig a hole, stick a tree in and off it goes, but it so much more than that.
We have a good relationship with suppliers of quality specimens and will advise, supply and plant replacement or new trees/shrubs where you need them.
We generally only supply and plant large specimen trees (3-4m+ tall).

Due to the significant change in climate conditions in the last 10 years, correct tree planting and aftercare has become essential. At Beechwood Tree Care we have pioneered and own system of underground stabilisation, supply and install hydration sacks to each tree we plant.

We provide clients with a easy to follow guide for aftercare. This means that the success rate and subsequent growth rates are particularly good when these methods and procedures are followed.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.