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Stump Grinding

When removing a tree or large shrub to ground level, a small proportion of the trunk or stem remains in the ground, this is known as the ‘Stump’. A stump can remain in the ground without causing any harm, however if the tree was diseased or you wish to replant in the same location then it is necessary to get rid of the stump.
The stump may also need to be removed to make way for a new building or if a fence is to be erected, or purely when it is not appealing to leave an old stump in situ.

The most efficient way of completely removing a stump is by using the Stump Grinder (as seen in the photo.)

Our machines are capable of grinding any size of stump. There will be a pile of chippings and soil left behind in the hole, which will rot away, but if required this can be removed and replaced with fresh topsoil.