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Mr Connell


We recently needed a very well developed 40 to 50 foot silver birch tree taken down in our rear garden. Personally I felt that I could have manged the job myself quite easily. Well, at least managed it…… My wife however was not nearly so sure. Especially as it was located next to our house in a tight space slotted in between our conservatory and our neighbours house and fence. So hence we asked Beechwood to come and quote us for the work. Whilst that quote wasn’t cheap, (I guess quality work seldom is!) the work was then completed in a single morning and with absolutely no fuss whatsoever. And having watched the two lads take the tree down I now have to admit – that actually there is probably no way I could have done the job nearly as easily, cleanly or safely as they managed. Plus they took absolutely everything away with them afterwards, so there was no requirement for multiple trips for me to get everything down to the tip. Plus the gap where the tree had previously been was also very nicely landscaped by the lads after they had ground the stump out. So, all in all, Beechwood have certainly done an excellent job for us, and based on that we would not hesitate to recommend them to others with similar requirements.

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